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EZ SMALL MOVES LLC.is by far the WORST moving company ever.

I should have gone with the competition as my experience could not have been ANY worse. I signed up to get 3 men and a truck. These 3 men were not suited for the job,they had no sense of urgency..I even caught one of them walking slowly in the hall,on their phone texting!! This job was only to take 4 to 5 hours at the most.

It ended up being closer to 9 hours,double what it was supposed to take. It was so bad that the owner himself had to come out and assist and help his workers move the stuff. I moved from a 2 bedroom to a house and didn't have any living room furniture to move except a tv and stand and a chase. I didn't have any tables,no kitchen tables,no dining room table.

It was so unprofessional,they broke a lot of my items and then damaged my house,my walls which were already painted when I moved in where severely scratched and left marks that could not be fixed properly even when we painted over it. The owner said he would come back to fixit and never did. The movers did not seem to be trained or educated on how to move as they were extremely unorganized and had no strategy for getting the job done efficiently. I was so terribly disappointed and still am as I wasted so much money and paid twice as much as what I would have paid if I would have went with another company who was more professional and would not break extremely expensive items.

The owner did reimbure me $25 dollars but there were at least 6 crystal glass that was broken and Daniel Cremieuxkitchenware that was broken cost 10 times that amount. He refused to reimburse me anymore. I would NOT recommend this company to anyone. They need to stick to moving books and paper,things that can't be broken!!!!

They were so careless,handling things that had Fragile written on it and still would drop stuff down,I watched them do this and had to correct them. Not only that but when I called to set up the time,I informed the owner what all I had in my apartment and nothing changed from that day to the day they came. They sent out the smallest truck they could find!! I've never seen a truck so small,it looked like a trailer to me..maybe a little bigger and they waited until it took them half the day to get all my stuff outside to only tell me everything wouldn't fit and that I'd have to pay for a second trip,not only that but then had to get the owner on the phone to work that out.

So they ended up not charging me but why would you bring out such a small truck and wait until the end when everything is outside to say that you can't fit it all when clearly you knew that once you arrived. Then it cost me gas and two trips driving back trailing them to get the rest of my stuff. The owners response was *** poor and this company lacks professionalism. You pay for what you get,cheap prices and quotes for *** poor performance and service.

Go with the competition. I can go on all day about this company. When you have an issue it takes them DAYS to respond and you have to call multiple times,they need to go out of business. They are amateurs.

I should report them to the BBB!! There was nothing EZ about this. Look at the owners response. This says it all,he doesn't address the problem!

--I will not go back and forth with you,but I will say this and I am done. 1) You are listing personal information which should not be listed on Yelp,I have flagged Yelp about this. 2) I told you EVERYTHING in which I had and everything that I had is what your "crew" moved. 3) I did as I said I was going to do,write a review.

There was nothing negative with what I said. I said good luck with your business. You failed to mention that I sent you pictures showing how it was wrapped and broken 4) Everything that was stated in my review was truthful and accurate. It only takes one bad customer service experience to make a company as a whole look bad.

5) Its sad that you can not see the error in your "business" ways and how you conducted business with me. 6) Not one time did you acknowledge that there could have been something done differently nor took accountability or apologized. This could have made everything right. Instead you decide to state excuses about different things and make it out to look like the customer is completely wrong here.

Everything you stated was an excuse,example instead of you saying that you are right..they should not be texting,period! If texting which I stated would slow your crew down and make them LESS productive then they should refrain from texting unless they are communicating via telephone with you.

Furthermore,you have no proof that on that date and during that time when I saw him that he was texting you,so that is an irrational statement.Texting is not a professional means of communication and I never demanded you to pay anything,that's a lie.


Woodbridge, Virginia, United States #616656

This amateur company is actually located in Woodbridge VA. They lie and also say their from other cities as well. I do not recommend them unless you want to get ripped off.

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